Painting and Decorating Show 2018 – Magic with Big Wipes

The National Painting and Decorating Show was the biggest annual trade show in the UK painting and decorating industry.  It’s an event you really could not afford to miss as a professional painter and decorator.  Similarly, the show also catered for individuals and companies who use, stock or specify decorating materials and systems.

Painting and Decorating Show stand Decorating Show

What could you see at the Show?

The very latest ideas and innovations were on display from both UK and overseas manufacturers. Practical demonstrations took place on many stands throughout the 2 days – none more busy than the ever-popular Big Wipes stand.   One of our customers, JK Decorating and Sons, posted a video of the Big Wipes demonstration on Instagram, which ended up getting over 47 000 views.  Watch it here

Painting and Decorating Show  Visitors

The Big Wipes ‘one wipe and it’s gone’ biodegradable formula of four power cleansers ensures the removal of paint and varnishes, adhesives, oil, sealants, silicones and general grime from hands, tools and surfaces.

In addition to the magic of Big Wipes, we were also joined by a professional magician, Ian Souch.  Ian stunned and mesmerised the visitors to our stand, many of whom kept returning for more.

Ian Souch Magician Ian Souch Magician

The National Painting and Decorating Show reported that a number of major trends were evident in 2018:

Painting and Decorating Trends 2018

First, growing demand for upmarket, superior quality paints and decorative finishes.  These include, for instance, effects such as glittering designer plasters and wall murals.  This trend is great news for professionals looking to boost their profit margins by offering customers a wider spectrum of decorating options and price points.

Second, health and safety issues faced by decorating pros on a daily basis are being addressed by a growing number of manufacturers and suppliers. Ergonomically designed tools and systems are being developed and constantly refined to reduce the discomfort, wear and tear and long-term injury problems that can be experienced by decorators.

Last but not least, environmental protection is increasingly important in new product development. This issue was particularly reflected in the many innovative sanding tools and systems on display.

Big Wipes Team Painting and Decorating Show 2018

Speaking just after the exhibition closed, Painting and Decorating Show organiser Terry Dullaway said:

“It’s been another brilliant event and we’re really pleased to have had such positive feedback from visitors and exhibitors alike.  Most importantly, it’ll be the Show’s 25th Anniversary in 2019!  We’re therefore planning to mark this auspicious occasion with an even better show – watch this space!”

Painting and Decorating Show 2018 Big Wipes