The wipes for Farmers – Have a field day with Big Wipes

What are the best wipes for farmers?  Farmers and farm workers are in one of the messiest jobs around, especially when it comes to all the work above and beyond taking care of livestock.  Whether it’s ploughing fields or maintaining tractors, machinery and land, keeping hands and equipment clean can be a nightmare. Remote conditions… Read more »

Big Wipes 4×4 – Perfect 4 the trade! A blog by ITS Merchants

Below is an article by Paul Woodcock on the Big Wipes 4×4 range, as posted on the ITS website.  ITS Merchants is one of the largest independent Professional Tool Suppliers in the UK and stock a wide range of Big Wipes products. The Big Wipes 4×4 range – by Paul Woodcock When working with grime,… Read more »