Batimat 2022 – Big Wipes attends show in Paris

In October 2022, Big Wipes joined our French distributor Hilaire at this year’s Batimat exhibition in Paris.  Every two years, Batimat brings together over 320,000 construction, prospection and distribution professionals.

Hilaire Team

What did Batimat 2022 have to offer?

Batimat is the international multi-specialism trade show for the construction industry. It draws in contractor decision-makers and professionals to select the innovative solutions for the buildings of today and tomorrow.  Above all, Batimat has been connecting innovation professionals for 60 years and is a unique networking opportunity for visitors and exhibitors alike.  Visitors can not only find inspiration and understand trends, but also touch and test products.  Furthermore, they are able to have experiences which they could not have through digital solutions alone.

Batimat Customers Pascal Demo

Big Wipes at Batimat Paris

The Big Wipes team has attended Batimat on many occasions and our stand has always been popular.  Evidently, this year was no different!  Visitors to the stand could experience the magic of Big Wipes first hand.  As a matter of fact, some punters enthusiastically took part in the product demonstrations themselves.  As most tradespeople indeed know by now, the Big Wipes range is unique in its ability to remove a vast variety of modern construction and maintenance products.  The Big Wipes formula contains four powerful cleaning agents as well as four nourishing skin conditioners.  That in effect means that Big Wipes not only remove grime, they are also kind to your skin.

Batimat Stand Batimat Stand

Major Themes of Batimat 2022

The Batimat team has outlined the major issues and themes for 2022:


We are reminded of the urgency of combating global warming every day. Warnings from experts, and the dramatic increase in the number of extreme weather events, compel us to take our responsibilities seriously. Construction’s entire value chain must be transformed to curb its environmental impact and protect life.  We need to discuss the following:

  • How can we stay on course for decarbonisation by 2050?
  • Should we only be renovating instead of building?
  • Moreover, is using new materials the solution?
  • Do we need a different approach to heating and cooling?
  • Or should we radically change our lifestyles to consume less?
Batimat Stand Batimat Customers

By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. What will cities and our lifestyles look like by then? Imagining the city of 2050 requires us to address the numerous challenges that city dwellers are already facing.  Key points that we need to address are, for example:

  • In what manner can we live with climate crisis – both now and in the future?
  • Will city planning, architecture and design enable us to withstand floods and heat islands?
  • Exactly how can everyone be given decent housing, while respecting the imperative of building less?
  • How can we rethink our public spaces to maintain social cohesion and community?


In this digital area, all construction and building professions are certainly undergoing profound changes. New collaborative tools, data and artificial intelligence are sparking new skill-sets, and even new professions.  Questions we need to ask include, for instance:

  • In what way can we navigate this transformation at the present time?
  • Just how can we rethink training and apprenticeships to support new entrants and workers?
  • How can we cultivate know-how and creativity in a digital environment that standardises practices?
  • By what means can we attract new talent and celebrate diversity within teams? What do the profiles of tomorrow’s construction professionals look like?
  • Professionals are central to the country’s ecological transformation, but how can we promote and encourage these new practices?

Guiding the sector’s ecological transition, its successful digitalisation, protecting its business model and improving its productivity;  the construction industry certainly is under pressure.  It goes without saying that we must modernise our ways of working.  Most importantly, this applies to everything: organising work, production tools, management of teams, marketing and customer relations.  Consequently, thoughts need to be given to the following issues:

  • How can industrialisation be achieved?
  • Should this change apply to the whole sector?
  • Does technological revolution have to happen at any cost?
  • How do digital transformations, including connected customers, disrupt our industry’s practices?

Batimat, More than an Exhibition

In addition to the exhibition held every two years, Batimat organises events throughout the year on a variety of topics. Keep up with the latest news and trends from the construction and architecture industry throughout the year via :

  • Regard sur l’Architecture (Architectural perspectives).  This offers an innovative and active approach to pooling architectural inspiration (publication, blog and conference sessions)
  • Construction Tech : A network for smart buildings of the future (observatory, blog, collection of start-ups, challenges and listing)
  • Batiradio : web radio and podcasts for all construction and architecture professionals.