PU Foam:

  • Shifts PU Foam before it sets from hands, tools and surfaces.
  • No more nasty sticky expanding foam nightmares.
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  • Removes all water and oil based coatings before they cure.
  • Banishes stains from cured diamond technology coatings.
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  • Quickly removes uncured adhesive residue.
  • Fast and effective even on polyurethanes.

Tar & Bitumen:

  • Drives through mastics and roof coatings, including Flexacryl.
  • A cleaning system for the rooftops.

Gap fill:

  • Works on solvent based adhesives such as Gripfill.
  • Easily clears excess.

Oil & Grease:

  • Dissolves all oil based stains.
  • Absorbs grease for safe disposal.
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  • Rapidly removes silicone from all sealed surfaces.
  • Cleans and refreshes cured silicone joints.
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Grime & Dirt:

  • All-purpose cleaner for every type of grime.
  • Added antibacterial protection.