Who and what are Big Wipes

BIG WIPES (Sycamore UK Ltd) is the market leading industrial wipes expert, supplying a wide range of specialist cleaning and disinfecting products for professional tradespeople.

Millions of people in the trade have the need for a truly effective, portable, all-in-one cleaner and disinfectant for hands, tools and surfaces.  Big Wipes certainly offers the solution.  Not only does the Big Wipes product range encompass the best cleaning wipes on the market, it also offers antiviral as well as antibacterial efficacy.

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The Big Wipes Range Disinfects

Big Wipes™ conform to EN 14476 and are proven to be effective against enveloped viruses, including coronavirus.   Read more about our antiviral efficacy on our Compliance page.

All our wipes and Power Spray also offer a massive >99.9% antibacterial protection (compliant with BS EN 1276).

The Big Wipes Antiviral RangeThe Big Wipes Range Cleans

Big Wipes are unique in their ability to quickly and efficiently remove a vast variety of modern construction and maintenance products, such as PU expanding foam, silicone, acrylic sealants, epoxy fillers, solvent based paints, adhesives, grease, oil and so much more.

The Big Wipes Range Nourishes

In addition to eliminating grime and microbes, Big Wipes are also kind to your skin.   The formula contains four of the world’s greatest skin conditioners: Aloe Vera, Lanolin, Vitamin E and Glycerine.  These all help to nourish and protect the skin.

Furthermore, Big Wipes are dermatologically tested  (on humans, not animals) with zero levels of skin irritation recorded.   Free from harmful solvents, toxins, preservatives, parabens and bleach, the formula is also biodegradable.

Big Wipes antiviral wipes

The Big Wipes Range Delivers

Our wipes are available internationally from Europe to the Americas, the Far East and Australasia.
Every product we supply is best in class, offering genuine and obvious benefits versus the competition.  No other cleaning wipes available to the professional trade can remove as many substances so quickly and effectively and at the same time offer antiviral and antibacterial benefits.

ig Wipes Antiviral Product Range

We have many delighted customers who rely on us to consistently deliver great performing products that comply with the latest safety standards and, wherever possible, respect the environment with biodegradable formulas and a choice of recyclable or biodegradable fabrics.