The Big Wipes refill pack – save on plastic

Exciting news, we have relaunched our Big Wipes refill pack!  Like many other manufacturers, Big Wipes has been working on finding sustainable solutions that will help people cut plastic consumption.  One of the most effective ways to cut down on plastic use is to shift to reusable packaging.  The Big Wipes refill packs were available many years ago but, unfortunately, were not so popular at the time.  We hope, however, that with the increased awareness of the urgent need for plastic reduction, the market is now more ready to change.

Big Wipes refill packs

The Big Wipes refill pack saves plastic

Plastic is a very useful material for getting our products to consumers safely and efficiently. It’s often the lowest carbon footprint option compared to other materials.  It is also light, waterproof and robust. However, too much plastic is ending up in our environment and this has to stop.

The Big Wipes refill pack is an effective, convenient and affordable way to reduce the amount of plastic by 90%.  The sachets are manufactured from a mono polyolefin, in addition to including 30% recycled plastic.  They are also recyclable when empty, so please take them to the recycling facilities at larger supermarkets.   It is also worth mentioning that the Big Wipes tubs are fully recyclable at the roadside. Tub and Sachet

How do I use the Big Wipes refill pack?

We are offering the refill packs in our dual-sided Heavy-Duty and biodegradable Multi-Surface wipes.  They feature a resealable strip, so you decide whether you want to refill your existing tub – or keep the pre-saturated roll in the sachet.   If it’s the former, simply snip open the pack, take the roll of wipes out and place into an empty Big Wipes tub.  Snap the lid back on and you’re ready to go.

How to use your Big Wipes Refill Pack

If space is at a premium, or if you have a job in a confined space, you may prefer to leave your wipes in the sachet.  The wipes stay just as hydrated as they would in the tub, thanks to the resealable strip.  You can store the packs in the side door of the van, the glove box, toolbags and toolboxes, or in the Big Wipes cages.  The choice, as they say, is yours!

Sachets in Cages

Our other sustainability efforts

We at Big Wipes are committed to continue finding alternative and more environmentally friendly packaging solutions.  We take our environmental impact extremely seriously and already offer a host of personal,  ecological and environmental benefits.  Please follow this link for more information.