What trade job gets the most matches on Tinder

Ever wondered which trade job is likely to get you the most amount of matches on Tinder? Us neither, but when you discover that someone’s done the research, you kind of want to know the results, right?

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Does a person’s job matter on Tinder?

Since the beginning of the year, there has been a huge surge in dating app swipes with singles looking for love.  But has someone’s occupation on their dating profile ever influenced your decision to swipe left or right?

Former Tinder CEO Sean Rad believes a person’s job is important when it comes to dating.  Although most wouldn’t judge someone on their skills or profession, we are all attracted to certain qualities. Different professions can be extremely character-revealing.  Take doctors and nurses, for instance, they are attractive because they possess trustworthy and caring qualities.  By the same token, the physically demanding role of a personal trainer conveys traits of discipline and empathy.

What trade job gets the most matches on Tinder

Where does this leave tradesmen? With qualities like problem solving, hard-working and an accuracy of technique, which one is believed to be the most desirable to women?

We have come across a few studies with differing results:

1. PriceYourJob.co.uk Tradesmen Matches on Tinder survey

PriceYourJob.co.uk decided to find out which trade job received the most swipes right when it comes to the popular dating app. They looked up 11 of the most popular trade jobs in the UK and made separate Tinder profiles, keeping everything the same except their occupation.  They made 300 right swipes over the course of three days.

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Which tradesmen got the most matches on Tinder?

The tradespeople who are most likely to get the most right-swipes on Tinder and seen to be most desirable to women are….carpenters.  It seems men in hard hats and high vis, building and carrying large bits of timber turned the most heads with an impressive 195 matches.

In second place with 159 matches are gardeners. The idea of your partner dealing with delicate plants and walking around half-naked seemed almost too good to not snap up.

What trade job gets the most matches on Tinder Price Your Job

In third place are builders with 126 matches. The former stereotype of builders is no more and women would love the idea of one to date.

With 111 matches and in fourth place are landscapers, while fifth place was awarded to bricklayers with 87 matches.

However, plumbers and plasterers weren’t so lucky when it came to finding love on the app, receiving 30 and 18 swipes respectively.

What trade job gets the most matches on Tinder

2. Showerstyou.co.uk Tradesmen Matches on Tinder survey

Showerstoyou wanted to find out whether having a tradesperson job in your title would increase your chances of a right swipe. They also wondered which trade would be the most attractive to the opposite sex and thus created male Tinder profiles.  The team kept the name, picture and age the same on each but changed the bio each time to a different trade. Each profile was left online for 2 days and swiped right to hundreds of people.

What trade got the most matches on Tinder?

In this survey, builders came out on top (111 matches), followed by plumbers with 101 matches.

Showerstyou.co.uk Tradesmen Matches on Tinder survey

Electricians scored an average of 98 matches and gardeners 99. Tilers and fireplace installers, for some reason, scored well below the average.

The study found that on average, male profiles without a trade job in the bio received 60 matches over two days. But those including a trade job in the bio got an average of 80.6 matches.

Showerstoyou.co.uk didn’t create any female profiles, which is disappointing. Women can be tradespeople too, guys.

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3.  Anchor Pumps Tradespeople Matches on Tinder survey

Anchor Pumps created 30 fake profiles. 15 as a generally attractive 27-year-old man called Charlie and 15 as an equally attractive 27-year-old woman called Charlotte. With the same name, age, picture and bio, the only variable that changed for each profile was the occupation. For each new profile, they swiped right on 250 different accounts and recorded the number of matches.

The Sexiest Trade Profession According to Women

It turns out that women felt the biggest spark with the electrician with 132 matches, while the scaffolder came in second with 95. The plumber and builder also had the ladies hot under the collar in joint third with 79 matches.

The Most Unsexy Trade Profession According to Women

The landscaper got 40 matches and  the stonemason only 22, although they got the upper hand on the welder who scraped just above last place with 12 matches. Tragically, it was the road worker who only managed to bag 5 matches.

The Sexiest Trade Profession According to Men

So, which profession bagged Charlotte the most matches from men? It was none other than the resourceful engineer, who turned 185 heads. Electricians seem to be a popular choice for both genders, as the electrician came in second with 169 matches.  The painter & decorator sits firmly in the middle, with 109 matches, just below the plumber who gained 127.

The Most Unsexy Trade Profession According to Men

The joiner didn’t have the best of luck as they rest down the bottom of the list with 46 matches, just above the stonemason with 31. But, it was the glazier that impressed the least, managing only 29 matches. That said, that’s 24 more swipes than the male road worker was able to acquire…



Three different surveys with differing results.  We’d all like to believe that we’re not ignorant enough to judge someone based on their occupation.  However,  it’s human nature to be more attracted to certain values – and different jobs require different values.  A person’s job is definitely one of the biggest conversation starters and whether we’re conscious of it or not – influences our view on people.   It needs to be said that we at Big Wipes love all tradespeople the same – as long as they use Big Wipes.


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