Recycled Plastic Tables add splashes of colour

Big Wipes has invested in some fabulous rainbow-themed recycled plastic picnic tables.  Not only do they add (more yellow!) colour to the garden, we are also helping to preserve our natural resources.  Designed as an alternative to traditional construction materials, the tables are manufactured from plastics that would otherwise have gone to landfill.  Furthermore, by using a product that has originated from UK waste, we are improving our carbon footprint.

Big Wipes plastic recycled garden benches

Produced by British Recycled Plastic, Big Wipes will get decades of zero-maintenance service from these lifetime-guaranteed picnic tables.

The benefits of choosing products from British Recycled Plastic’s range of environmentally friendly maintenance-free furniture include:

Recycled Plastic Performance 

  • The recycled plastic is chemically inert, so it’s difficult for nasties to get a hold on it.   As it’s also impervious to the growth of moss, mould and algae, it is less slippery than timber.
  • The plastic benches won’t absorb any moisture, so they towel dry instantly. Not only do bums stay dry, the recycled plastic is also easy and safe to disinfect.
  • Resistant to water, they will not splinter, crack, split or rot.
  • The surfaces can simply be wiped clean – with Big Wipes, naturally.

Features and Benefits Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables

Longevity and durability

  • The recycled plastic products have a life expectancy at least 4 times that of timber and are guaranteed for a lifetime.
  • The tables are insect resistant, UV tolerant and less flammable than traditional alternatives.
  • With little visible wear, the tables require no maintenance and no painting or preservatives are necessary.  Thus, the whole life cost of the products is reduced drastically.

Sustainability benefits of recycled plastic

  • Recycling plastic is good for the planet. We are repurposing waste, and by doing so, we’re also preserving the limited resources our planet has available.
  • The products are UK-made, so we’re slowly demolishing our own waste plastic mountain, rather than shipping it overseas.   Most UK waste is destined for export, but by manufacturing here in Britain, we positively influence local employment and the impact on our environment.
  • The tables are made from a mix of High Density Polyethylene, Low Density Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Acrylibutalstyrene, Polystyrene and Polythene.  These plastics are derived from a wide variety of plastic products from hay bale wrapping, computer cases and car bumpers to vegetable crates and bottle tops.
  • The recycled plastic products will never leach or contaminate the soil or ground water. The material is non-porous and does not contain the toxic chemicals found in pressure treated lumber.
Big Wipes Recycled Plastic

Quote from British Recycled Plastic

  • The company states the following: “Our products come to you with a 25-year guarantee, but we expect them to last much longer.  They require no treatments or maintenance whatsoever.  You can hose or brush them down a few times a year if you wish, but this is purely cosmetic and they will suffer no ill-effects if you don’t.  Once installed, they’ll last forever, outliving their timber equivalents many times over.  You’ll see your total-life costs drop instantly.  Our lumber planks, posts, boards and furniture will never rot, split or splinter, so you’ll never need to treat, patch or replace them.  Ever.

“We’re committed to repurposing waste plastic which would otherwise end up in landfill. A central principle of sustainable practice is “Buy once, buy well” and that’s what we’re all about.  We bring you durable, economical and sustainable products.  Invest once, for a lifetime of service.”