Big Wipes Van System – you won’t need anything else

The Big Wipes Van System has landed!  This all-in-one racking and dispensing system includes everything you need to fix accidents, spillages and mistakes and clean up quickly and effectively in ONE handy box.  Sounds simple, right?  That’s because……well……it is.

Bott Smart Van

The Big Wipes Van System – The best of Big Wipes in one box:

a) One tub of 80s Heavy Duty wipes (red lid)
These are our dual-sided, scrub and clean Heavy-Duty wipes, which are best for cleaning hands.

b) One tub of 80s Multi-Surface wipes (green lid)
The biodegradable, super absorbent Multi-Surface wipes are a fantastic finishing wipe and ideal for cleaning surfaces and tools.

c) A 1l bottle of the Big Wipes Power Spray
The Power Spray contains the same biodegradable grime-busting formula that our wipes are saturated in.  It is perfect for cleaning larger surfaces or pre-treating areas such as walls, floors or UPVC window frames before wiping clean.

Big Wipes Van System Big Wipes Van System

d) Refill Pouches x 2
There are two of our brand new refill pouches in the Big Wipes Van System, one Heavy-Duty pack as well as a Multi-Surface pack.  Most importantly, they feature the same wipes and formula inside but now in a packaging format that reduces the amount of plastic by 90%.  The sachets are manufactured from a mono polyolefin, in addition to including 30% recycled plastic.  So now you can keep your tubs and refill with the pouches! How to use your Big Wipes Refill Pack

e) Big Wipes Cages – Van and Wall brackets x 3
“How on earth are we meant to store this bundle of amazing products?!” we hear you exclaim emphatically. Well, we’re glad you asked.  The Van System also includes THREE van bracket holsters to mount the 2 x tubs and the bottle of Power Spray in your van.  Screw directly into ply-lined vehicles or integrate it easily into bespoke racking system.  Above all, these cages allow Big Wipes to be fixed firmly and conveniently close to hand.

Big Wipes Van System

We are trying to be more sustainable

This van system encompasses the best of Big Wipes – innovation with the environment in mind. The box is made from >70% recycled cardboard and is 100% recyclable.   Furthermore, the refill pouches are made from 30% recycled plastic, contain 90% less plastic vs the tubs and can then be recycled at larger supermarkets.  Comparatively, the Big Wipes tubs are manufactured from 30% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable at the roadside.Multi-Surface Family Bio FSC certified supplier

The Multi-Surface wipes are 100% plastic free and biodegradable (as is our Power Spray).  The wood pulp fibres used to make this fabric come from FSC approved forests before being spun into our super-absorbent fabric in a “closed loop” manufacturing process, trapping all emissions.

Big Wipes Van System

The Big Wipes Van System is all you need

Our industry is entirely familiar with the concept of dispensing systems and now Big Wipes have developed their own format for their range of world-class, award-winning, pre-impregnated industrial cleaning wipes.  A welcome piece of innovation for professional maintenance, repair, industrial, construction, refurbishment contractors worldwide.