Big Wipes Van System

Saves you time, hassle and money

What is the Big Wipes Van System?

The biggest costs to professional tradespeople is their time. Working clean will save you time allowing you to get jobs done faster while whilst also improving standards resulting in delighted repeat customers.

This is where the NEW Big Wipes Van System comes in. This all-in-one racking and dispensing solution contains all the Big Wipes essentials you need to fix problems fast, clean up quickly and effectively and get to the next job, in one handy kit.

What does the Big Wipes Van System include?

Convenience and Portability

Uniquely, the three dispensing brackets allow Big Wipes to be ‘holstered’ and stored securely but also free to be taken with you on site to deliver quick and effective cleaning for hands, tools, and surfaces.

Big Wipes will consistently and reliably save you time, hassle and money – exactly when and where you need it most.


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