Power Spray Review by Sean Wilkinson, Painter & Decorator

Painter and Decorator extraordinaire, Sean Wilkinson, posted this Big Wipes Power Spray review on a Painting & Decorating review website.  It is with his permission that it is copied verbatim below:

Power Spray Review Sean Wilkinson

Introduction Power Spray Review

As you should be able to see from the pictures, here I was in a customer’s house.  The plasterer had taped the door to prevent dust contaminating through it. By the time I got there, all I had was a bare room and residue left on the door from the duct tape the plasterer must have used.

Short Description

Usually in these situations I would have reached for the White spirits.  Not to drown my sorrows, but to apply to a rag and loosen the residue to allow me to carry on with the job. The only problem here is I have actively been trying to move away from oil based products since 2008.  Hence I had no white spirit with me.

So I thought it was worth a couple of squirts with Big Wipes Power Spray. To be fair, I have used it as a mild degreaser and cleaner on several jobs prior this. It could carry out those jobs without any drama. This however was raising the bar, adhesive tape residue that had dried on for a least a fortnight.

Power Spray review Power Spray and Heavy Duty wipe in action

After leaving the spray to “soften” the adhesive for a couple of minutes I retrieved a dry used Big Wipe Heavy Duty 4×4‘s as mild abrasion pad, see still trying to recycle wherever possible. After spraying some more of the power spray onto the used Big Wipe to rehydrate it, together they performed the task with no issues removing all the adhesive so the door was ready for redecoration.

In my previous Big Wipes review I touched on the subject of where I had relatively poor skin, a form of eczema so I’m told I need to be careful what I use, again using a Big Wipes Power Spray hasn’t aggravated my skin, I understand its is free from solvents that may cause irritation. Although it’s always good to maintain a good skin regime and wash your hands prior eating, along with moistening as even the action of allowing the fluid to evaporate of your skin naturally will dry it out.


  • Handy spray bottle
  • Excellent cleaning properties
  • Pleasant smell
  • Dermatology tested
  • Biodegradable


Power Spray Review


  • Prices sneaking up
  • Spray can leak if it falls over or lays down


Power Spray Review Conclusion

As I am increasingly moving towards water based systems, the Big Wipes power spray is an ideal product.  It replaces many of the jobs we used to use various solvents for: Degreasing hand rails, Degreasing doors (especially around handle areas), Removing sticky residue, crayon, marker pen, adhesives, general cleaning.

  • Cleaning ability 9/10
  • Usability 9/10
  • Kindness to skin 8/10
  • Value for money 8/10


We would like to thank Sean for his Power Spray review – and for using Big Wipes in the first place!