A+A Safety Security and Health Show 2013 with Big Wipes

Big Wipes exhibited for four days at the A+A Safety Security and Health at work in Düsseldorf, which came to a close on Friday, 8 November 2013, with a new increase in visitor numbers as well as a further rise in interest from international visitors.

A+A Safety Security and Health Show 2013 with Big Wipes stand

Judging from the thronging hordes of people on our stand, all 63,000 trade visitors came to see Big Wipes in action! Our demonstrations cut through language barriers as it was plain to see just how our easily Big Wipes removed paint, silicone, oil, grease and the dreaded PU expanding foam from hands, tools and surfaces.

A+A Safety Security and Health Show 2013 with Big Wipes stand

“The halls saw large visitor numbers across all days of the fair. Anyone coming to A+A is very quality-focused. Our customers invest in the safety of their staff, ensure great wear comfort and suitability of application for their protective equipment and clothing,” said Klaus Bornack, President of the Trade Fair Advisory Board at A+A Safety Security and Health 2013.

Prevention is better than cure

In parallel to the trade fair, the international A+A Congress this year counted some 5,500 participants. As with the international conference of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the focal point lay here on prevention, the recognition of occupational diseases and the correct treatment of those affected.

A+A Safety Security and Health Show 2013 with Big Wipes stand

Nigel Dibbo, Managing Director Big Wipes, commented: “Employers have a legal duty to eliminate or reduce the exposure of their workforce to hazardous substances and provide their employees with personal protection, which includes suitable products for cleaning contaminants from worker’s hands. When it comes to beating skin conditions, such as dermatitis, prevention is always better than cure.”

If avoiding the causative substance is not possible, then prompt and thorough cleaning of the skin after coming into contact with potential irritants is crucial in the prevention of dermatitis.

“Prevention is an investment in the future. Maintaining and promoting the health and performance of employees is gaining importance internationally for companies, social security and in the political sphere,” added Bruno Zwingmann, Managing Director at the German Federal Association for Occupational Safety and Health, summing up the core statements at A+A Safety Security and Health 2013. A safe and healthy working environment, he said, decisively contributed to companies’ innovative and competitive edge.