Zero Cost Option – Big Wipes save you more than they cost

We have calculated that when you take into account the potential cost of damage caused by spillages and leaks of building & construction materials, using Big Wipes cleaning wipes actually saves a company more than they cost.  This is why we call Big Wipes the Zero Cost Option.

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Tradespeople have to deal with grease and grime on a daily basis.  Fix and repair products, such as silicone sealants, paints, adhesives, PU foam and general dirt, can be extremely difficult to remove.  Paints, adhesive and sealants are easy to over-apply or can be kicked over by accident.  This can cause visual, and sometimes permanent, damage to hard floors, walls and furniture.

A spill or accidental leak of any material can lead to complaints, costly call backs or a delay in a job being signed off as complete.  These could could all combine to impact on the tradesperson’s reputation.

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Geoff Marsden, MD of a London based Managed Services Company told us his take on Big Wipes being the Zero Cost Option: “One of the Electrician Apprentices got his dirty hands all over a freshly painted wall. We had to get the decorators back who had to repaint the entire wall. If they had had Big Wipes on site, we could have saved ourselves the cost of repainting, the additional double call-out charges, labour, time and fuel costs!”

Cost savings even extend to reduced cost of replacing and laundering work wear, as hands pre-cleaned with Big Wipes industrial cleaning wipes are no longer a grime hazard to clothing.

Steve Taylor, Facilities Manager commented: “Since we have buckets of Big Wipes Heavy-Duty on site, we are saving a fortune on laundering and replacing our workwear! Before Big Wipes, the lads always wiped their hands down their trousers and looked a right mess – they look so much more professional now.”

Zero Cost Option Big Wipes clean up the professional painter and decorator

What’s more, many clients will hire their tradespeople on professional appearance.  Tidy tradespeople, who have the means to clean work areas and themselves up, surely have an advantage over those who don’t!

Vans and vehicles also stay in better condition if a tub of wipes is mounted in in a Big Wipes Cage van bracket.  This way, the work place grime can be removed before it enters the cab.  It also has the added benefit of you arriving clean and ready for your next job.

The Zero Cost Option

Big Wipes are a tradesperson’s first line of insurance against complaints, extra costs, spillages and even skin damage – they are the Zero Cost option.  Can you afford to be without them?

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