‘Save me money’

How do Big Wipes save me more money than they cost?

Your biggest cost is time – your time and your workforce's time.  Using Big Wipes in your business will save you some of this time and deliver savings way in excess of the cost of the wipes.

Case study:

A skilled Maintenance Technician is paid £30 000 p.a for a 40 hour week, which is approximately £19.00 per hour, including benefits + NI.  The Technician has been issued with a tub of Big Wipes – net cost £10.00. They will be used up in one week. Based on actual customer case studies, what could the business expect to save?

Savings with Big Wipes:   Single Technician: £1 739.   Team of 25:  £43 463

How did we work this out?

TIME CLEANING UP - £26.92 saved per person, per week
Minimum of 17 minutes saved cleaning hands and equipment per day = 85 mins per week.

DAMAGE CLAIMS - £17.42 saved per person, per week PLUS MATERIAL WASTAGE
Fixing over-spills immediately saves 11 mins per day = 55 mins per week.

WORKWEAR CLEANING - £2.65 saved per week
Based on 50% reduction in laundering and/or replacement

Now for the maths ..
Individual annual saving: £1,739 each technician (£26.92 + £17.42 + £2.65 - £10.00 - tub of Big Wipes) = £36.99 x 47 working weeks in the year).

That means a team of 25 saves: £43 463

PLUS additional savings associated with CLIENT COMPLAINTS
An effective final clean up saves a 60 minute return visit to site to fix a ‘snagging complaint’.