‘Save me money’

How does Big Wipes save me more money than they cost?

Your biggest cost is time – your time & workforce time – using Big Wipes in your business will save you time and deliver savings way in excess of their cost…..guaranteed!

Case study:

A skilled Maintenance Technician is paid £30,000 per year for a 40 hour week – that’s approx. £19.00 per hour inc. benefits + NI!  He has been issued by his stores team with a tub of Big Wipes – net cost £10.00 – this will be used in one week. Based on actual customer case studies what could his business expect to save?

Savings with Big Wipes - Single Technician: £1,739 Team of 25: £43,463

How did we work this out?

TIME CLEANING UP - £26.92 saved per person, per week
Minimum of 17 wasted minutes saved cleaning hands & equipment per day = 85 mins per week.

DAMAGE CLAIMS - £17.42 saved per person, per week PLUS MATERIAL WASTAGE
Fixing overspills immediately saves 11 mins per day = 55 mins per week.

WORKWEAR CLEANING - ‘£2.65 saved per week
Based on 50% reduction in laundering & replacement

Now for the maths ..!
Individual annual saving: £1,739 each technician (£26.92 + £17.42 + £2.65 - £10.00 - tub of Big Wipes) = £36.99 x 47 working weeks in the year).

That means a team of 25 saves: £43,463

PLUS additional savings associated with CLIENT COMPLAINTS
‘£’s saved on - effective final clean up saves a 60 minute return visit to site to fix a ‘snagging complaint’