The wipes for Farmers – Have a field day with Big Wipes

What are the best wipes for farmers?  Farmers and farm workers are in one of the messiest jobs around, especially when it comes to all the work above and beyond taking care of livestock.  Whether it’s ploughing fields or maintaining tractors, machinery and land, keeping hands and equipment clean can be a nightmare.

Wipes for farmers Potatoes in hand

In a busy and demanding industry, farmers are often working remotely with no access to soap and water, and in an environment filled with germs and bacteria.  Farmers’ hands are their most trusted tools, but they often take a battering – being caked in all sorts of muck and exposed to fierce weather conditions – leaving them open to inflammation, blisters, rashes or even burning skin. All of these could make everyday tasks difficult and even result in days off sick.

And with a day off sick for a farmer almost impossible, it’s important to keep your hands bacteria free and protected – so there’s no time to keep running backwards and forwards to the sink.  It is clear that Big Wipes are the best wipes for farmers!  With their ‘one wipe shifts the lot’ formula they’re the no fuss, no mess solution to shifting muck, and also include skin conditioners Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Lanolin and Vitamin E which are ideal for keeping those important hands in tip top condition.


Wipes for farmers dirt in hand

Big Wipes aren’t just for keeping hands clean – they can get muck off pretty much anything!  If you’re in the yard fixing the tractor or out and about on the land, make sure to keep a tub of Big Wipes tucked away in the cab.  Any rogue oil splatters, or other grime and muck, can be cleaned up quickly, letting you carry on with your tasks grime-free and without a stop off at the sink.  And if you’re ready for a break at lunch time but need to give your hands a wipe down before eating your sarnie, Big Wipes are perfect for a quick cleaning fix!

Big Wipes could also be a knight in grime-free armour for those long suffering farmers’ wives who are constantly cleaning up muddy hand and footprints made by a mucky farmer on his way to the sink!  Pop a tub of Big Wipes by the door so farm workers can wipe their hands before they head inside, leaving the muck outdoors.

Wipes for farmers Hands man with mud

And to make life even easier, Big Wipes also has a nifty bracket to help your tub stay put!  The bracket is perfect for attaching to a wall in an outbuilding so you always know where your Big Wipes are if you need to clean up a spillage in a hurry, or even just to mop your hands after a hard day’s graft.

Big Wipes’ Managing Director, Nigel Dibbo, said: “The Big Wipes range is a bit of a lifesaver for anyone who gets their hands in a mess and are the best wipes for farmers and farm workers who work outdoors nearly every day of the year!

“Big Wipes mean you can say goodbye to searching for a sink, messy liquid cleaners and dirty wet towels thanks to the mobile multi-cleaner that tackles just about any dirt or stain.  They do what they’re supposed to – with no fuss or mess – one wipe really does shift the lot!”

Market leading wipes specialists, Big Wipes, offers a number of grime-ridding products which outperform other names in cleaning power, health and safety and convenience.

All products contain a fully biodegradable cleaning formula that complies with all the latest EU Cosmetics Standards and is dermatologically tested, antibacterial and contains skin conditioners.