Who are Britain’s friendliest tradespeople?

Do good manners and courteous behaviour leave a lasting impression?   My Job Quote surveyed 1,482 Brits to discover who they believe to be the friendliest tradespeople.

The friendliest tradespeople ranked

It seems electricians know how to light up the room in both senses of the phrase!  75% of respondents think they are the friendliest tradespeople.  Britain's friendliest tradespeople

Next on the list come gardeners (71%) and then plumbers (68%).  They still comfortably occupy the top positions, though both are considered slightly less friendly than electricians. Contrastingly, the general consensus was that builders, kitchen specialists and tilers were among the low end of the friendliest tradespeople.  Interestingly, they scored less than half of what electricians did.

However, there are clearly other contributing factors. Those surveyed were also asked to explain what specific actions make the strongest impression on them and affected their friendliness rating most.

The actions Customers most appreciate

My Job Quote found that customers are most grateful when tradespeople do not get annoyed when they kindly ask them for an update/ progress check (84%).

Britain's friendliest tradespeople

Thereafter, 79% appreciate the tradespeople who provide them with a valid reason or apology for not turning up when arranged.

Slightly below, 72% of respondents really value tradespeople taking the initiative to clean up any mess they have created.  This is where using Big Wipes cleaning wipes come into their own.   Everyone in the trade gets their hands dirty and most of the filth simply doesn’t come off with soap and water.  Big Wipes  are unique in their ability to quickly and effectively remove a wide variety of modern construction grime.  Big Wipes eliminate PU foam, silicone, acrylic sealants, epoxies, paints, adhesives, grease, gap fill, oil & much more from hands, tools & surfaces.  Being completely portable, keep Big Wipes close to hand to remove this muck before it gets a chance to fully cure.

When on the job, a lot of Brits appreciate tradespeople who ask permission to use their bathroom (61%).   Customers also value if a tradesperson asks before making/receiving a work/private phone call (45%).

On the other end of the scale, only 31% are concerned if a tradesperson adequately greets them or not.

Britain's friendliest tradespeople


Carl Meredith, Managing Director of My Job Quote, provided some concluding thoughts on the friendliest tradesperson survey.  He said: “When hiring a tradesperson, customers want to feel reassured that they can trust someone to get the job done properly and efficiently.  A crucial part of the service that really matters to customers is the level of care and attention that a tradesperson will provide them. The customer wants to deal with someone they can easily communicate and work with.  Therefore, friendliness is a vital characteristic when assessing and hiring a tradesperson.”

We feel we need to point out that here at Big Wipes, we love all tradespeople equally.  As long as they use Big Wipes, of course!



Thank you to Elec Magazine, Ireland’s foremost electrical magazine, for previously publishing a similar article.