Plumber of the Year 2017 – The search has begun

This year’s UK Plumber of the Year (POTY) competition has begun its search to find the nation’s best plumber.

Launched by JT in partnership with Bristan and Plumb Center, the industry competition aims to find the finest plumber of 2017 and recognise the remarkable level of talent from plumbers across the UK, with another huge prize fund awarded to the worthy winner.

Plumber of the year 2017 logo

To enter, plumbers simply need to tell POTY about the one job which showed the full extent of their plumbing prowess, the performance that sets them apart from the rest. WaterSafe will announce a shortlist of 15 plumbers based upon their application.

That final 15 will then be put to a public vote and five with the most votes will be individually interviewed by a panel of judges. The winner will be announced in September.

Some of the fantastic prizes this year include:

*  JT and Bristan products, plus a GBP 1000 voucher for Nabis at Plumb Center

*  1000 pounds worth of Rothenberger tools

*  A CK Electrician’s Premium Tool Kit for the winner and CK Magma Open Tool Tote for shortlisted plumbers

*  A HomeBoost Salamander Pump for the winner.

*  And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, 15 Heavy-Duty Tubs of Big Wipes for the 15 shortlisted plumbers


Heating installers plumbers fixing faucet most valued professions Plumber of the Year

Hands are without doubt a plumber’s  most valuable tools, but thousands of tradespeople spend their days with their hands caked in dirt or harsh substances without having access to the facilities to clean them up. Even when soap and water are available, they just won’t shift the majority of modern construction and maintenance products. PU foam, silicone and varnishes are nasty stuff to get on your hands and without the ability to remove them quickly, can cause debilitating skin problems.

Heating and plumbing engineers therefore need easy access to a high‐quality hand cleaner and Big Wipes, industrial strength cleaning wipes, are the answer. Stored in tubs, (which can be kept in the door buckets of vans, toolboxes/toolbags, or on van racking systems with a special Big Wipes wall and van bracket), they are highly portable. Big Wipes can remove dirt and construction materials from hands, tools and surfaces swiftly and more thoroughly than soap and water.

We are very proud to be part of such a fantastic initiative for the third year.   The competition was first launched in 2015 where the nationwide search found Josh Colbert, a multi-skilled plumber from Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, as the worthy winner of the inaugural UK Plumber of the Year competition.  In 2016, Shaun Scott from Aberdeen picked up the crown

This is an incredible opportunity for plumbers, so be sure to register your plumber of the year at