SGA Vakdagen, read my tulips, Big Wipes take over Holland

Big Wipes and our Dutch distributor Smartwares, made a significant impact on the visitors of the SGA Vakdagen Gorinchem, Holland’s highly regarded Paint, Glass and Finishing Exhibition.  Over 9000 visitors were clogging (!) up the aisles to watch us demonstrating the power of our industrial heavy duty antibacterial cleaning wipes.

SGA Vakdagen Exhibition Show 2013 Big Wipes

Onlookers had to stretch their necks high (they were Heineken) to see over the ever-expanding crowd of painters, plasterers, glaziers and other trade professionals around our stand.  The big Cheese of Woodfield, a prominent Decorators Merchant in Holland, was so impressed that he bought our entire displays of tubs and sold them on their stand.  Our Big Wipes hand cleaning wipes were even featured in, a Dutch publication for the decorating specialist.

We finished the three days of SGA Vakdagen off with a lovely celebratory dinner in Gorinchem, where we delighted our distributor when we, wait for it, insisted we go Dutch.

SGA Vakdagen Exhibition Show 2013 Big Wipes

Painting and decorating can be a messy business.  As a professional painter and decorator, what do you do when you’re out on site with no access to water and your hands are covered in grime? And as painters and decorators know, even when water is available, most muck doesn’t come off with that and a bit of soap.

The Big Wipes ‘one wipe and it’s gone’ biodegradable formula ensures the removal of paint and varnishes, adhesives, oil, sealants, silicones and general grime from hands, tools and surfaces.  Containing powerful cleaning agents and two dermatologically tested skin conditioners, Big Wipes have been assessed to the latest EU Regulation 1223/2009 for cosmetic products with zero levels of irritation recorded during controlled testing by dermatologists.

SGA Vakdagen Exhibition Show 2013 Big Wipes

Painters and decorators need a wipe that’s going to get rid of the mess first time, allowing them to just crack on with the job safe in the knowledge their hands are getting something back too.  The Big Wipes range of cleaning products is all they need.