Products That Have Changed The Industry – Big Wipes

We saw the list of 10 Window and Door Products that have changed the industry on the Double Glazing Blogger website. He expressly specified that his list was in no particular order. Thus, we will just assume Big Wipes was the Number One product that revolutionised the glazing industry!

Products that have changed the industry - 10 Window and Door Products

Number One Product that has changed the industry: Big Wipes

This is what Double Glazing Blogger had to say about Big Wipes:

“Ask your fitters about this one!  Big Wipes is a company that makes some of the best wipes for tradesmen I have ever seen.  Is it industry changing?  Of course, that will be down to opinion.  But ask a fitter if they have used them and they will probably tell you how awesome they are.

Big Wipes cages

“Our fitters have them in their vans, as well as our service engineer.  It may only seem a small product in the grand scheme of things, but useful when your hand is caked in the days detritus and you want it off ASAP.  Do you still need convincing?  Check out a video from this guy.  He was at the FiT Show and was one of the highlights for me of the whole of the event!

“I love this guy.  I think he’s fantastic!  If you could bottle that type of enthusiasm for his product and sell it to companies our industry would be a much cheerier and productive place!”

Products that have changed the industry

Thank you Double Glazing Blogger

We are very grateful and pleased that Big Wipes have met with such approval in the glazing industry. Window and door fitters often have no immediate access to running water. This is why portable Big Wipes are the most effective and efficient way solution to shifting grime, such as PU foam, epoxies, silicones, oil and general filth.

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