Powerful 4×4 Power Spray

The trade publications have already been running the story of the year – the introduction of our new 4×4 Power Spray!

The Big Wipes 4×4 Power Spray is a powerful, fast-acting antibacterial cleaning spray that ensures the effective removal of paint, adhesives, oil, sealants, silicones, PU foam and general grime – without the need for water.  
Assessed to the latest EU Regulation 1223/2009 for cosmetics products, this preservative-free spray contains the same unique formula as the 4×4 wipes, meaning it includes four powerful cleaning agents and four dermatologically tested skin conditioners, making it tough on grime but kind to your hands.  
While Big Wipes 4×4 industrial strength wipes are perfect for a "one wipe and it’s gone" clean up of hands, the 4×4 Power Spray is ideal for pre-treating larger areas such as walls, floors or window frames before wiping them free of dirt. Its speedy removal of muck means you can also save time and money by fixing accidents quickly and effectively.
And if your Big Wipes 4×4 have begun to dry out a bit in the sun, then just use the water-based spray to instantly ‘recharge’ them. They’ll be moist and ready to clean up hands, tools and surfaces in seconds.
"Our Big Wipes 4×4 are immensely popular in the trade as they work so quickly and so amazingly well without the need for water," explains Nigel Dibbo, Managing Director of Big Wipes. "We know that the Power Spray will, with its powerful cleaning agents, antibacterial action and skin conditioners, make a great addition to any toolbox."