Painters and Decorators – Cleaning your most valuable tools

Painting and decorating can be a messy business. We explain why being tough on filth and grime while still being able to look after your hands is vital for  professional Painters and Decorators.

Skin Disease

According to the latest HSE figures there are over 35,000 cases of work-related skin diseases diagnosed by GPs every year in the UK.  Due to the rise in the use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in the early 2000s, reported work related skin diseases fell. Since 2005 however, this trend has stalled and the HSE has expressed its concern, believing the true figure could be higher and that many cases remain unreported. Not only can skin problems be unsightly and uncomfortable to live with, in extreme cases they can lead to tradesmen being unable to work. Worrying stuff.

Painters and Decorators - Cleaning your most valuable tools

Portable Cleaning

As a professional Painter and Decorator, what do you do when you’re out on site with no access to water and your hands are covered in grime? And as painters and decorators know, even when water is available, most muck doesn’t come off with that and a bit of soap. That’s when you need Big Wipes 4×4 in your bag.

“Painters and decorators need a wipe that’s going to get rid of the mess first time, allowing them to just crack on with the job safe in the knowledge their hands are getting something back too,” explains Nigel Dibbo, Managing Director of Big Wipes, the leading industrial strength wipes specialists. “That’s why we’ve launched our new 4×4 formula. As busy tradespeople, your hands are your livelihood, so cleaning them effectively while still being able to care for them is extremely important.”

Hands, Tools and Surfaces

Hands might be your most important tools, but Big Wipes can clean up plenty of other things too. “Take a product that painters and decorators will use – for instance silicone or caulk. It is nasty stuff on skin and a pain to get off yourself and bathroom surfaces,” continues Nigel. “And let’s face it even professionals have the odd accident with it. Using the 4×4 Heavy Duty Big Wipe will not only get your hands clean of silicone or caulk, you can also clean your tools too.”

Painters and Decorators paint spills

Big Wipes Formula

The Big Wipes ‘one wipe and it’s gone’ biodegradable formula of four power cleansers ensures the removal of paint (solvent-based and water-based) and varnishes, adhesives, oil, sealants, silicones and general grime from hands, tools and surfaces.

Containing four powerful cleaning agents and four dermatologically tested skin conditioners, the company says its 4×4 products have been assessed to the latest EU Regulation 1223/2009 for cosmetic products with zero levels of irritation recorded during controlled testing by dermatologists. The range also offers a massive >99.9% anti-bacterial protection for your skin. That’s good news when painters and decorators want a quick mop up before lunch or a tea break.

Painters and Decorators - Cleaning your most valuable tools

Not only that, 4×4 are preservative‐free and contain four skin conditioners: Aloe Vera, Lanolin, Vitamin E and Glycerine ‐ all helping to nourish and protect the skin. All Big Wipes are used without water and are perfect for on-site use where water just isn’t available.

“Big Wipes’ in-house team of chemists and fabric engineers controls all aspects of development and production,” explains Nigel. “We achieved the performance breakthrough necessary to launch our 4×4 formula by investing heavily in the latest solvent technology. This allowed us to harness the benefits of naturally derived co-solvent blends.  The unique biodegradable Power Formula can now deliver unrivalled cleaning power across the broadest range of real filth.”

Innovative Packaging

Not content with a ground-breaking formula and fabrics, Big Wipes has also developed an innovative packaging solution. Still in the famous yellow colour, the novel large capacity cylinders are styled with an easy grip body and base and brand new quick-seal lid.  This clever ‘flick and a click’ lid gives users a dual option of either dispensing a single wipe (by pulling the wipe towards the cap) or a long continuous sheet of wipes (by pulling the sheets away from the cap).

So when it comes to the question of how to quickly and effectively clean up all your essential tools, hands included, Big Wipes 4×4 is the only answer.

Electricians Painter and Decorator Big Wipes range

What is the difference?

Packaged in easy grip, big capacity trade-tough tubs with a quick seal lid, Big Wipes 4×4 comes in three different colour-coded types:

Red Top: Heavy-Duty – The blue scrub and clean fabric now features additional ‘wetting agents’ to ensure the even distribution of liquid across the fabric. Textured and dual-sided, the scrub face of the wipe removes even the most stubborn grime, while the smooth face absorbs any excess.

Green Top: Multi-Surface – this super absorbent biodegradable wipe is ideally suited for applications involving the removal of non‐hazardous substances where they can be disposed of in the normal waste or composted with ‘green’ waste.

Black Top: Multi-Purpose – featuring a new yellow power fabric that has been under development for two years, Multi-Purpose are a leading combination of toughness and absorbency.

Big Wipes clean up the professional painters and decorators

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This article appeared in Professional Painter & Decorator Magazine, Summer 2014