Industrial wipes for the professional builder

Big Wipes has launched its new 4×4 formula of industrial strength wipes. We caught up with Professional Builder reader Joe Campanella who put them to the test out on site.

Professional builder uses Big Wipes industrial wipes

On the job with industrial Big Wipes

According to the latest HSE figures, there are over 35,000 cases of work-related skin diseases diagnosed by GPs every year in the UK. When you consider that as a professional builder your hands are your most important tools, getting them clean and looking after them is crucial. In practice however, that can be difficult out on site, especially when you’ve shut off the water supply. Even when it is available, tradespeople know that most muck doesn’t simply come off with soap and water.

Professional Builder reader Joe operates around North London and the Home Counties.  His company, Campanella Property Services, undertakes all kinds of work, from loft conversions and extensions to kitchen and bathroom installations. We caught up with him at a job in Tottenham to get his professional view on Big Wipes’ new 4×4 formula industrial strength wipes.

Joe Van

“I need a wipe that’s going to get rid of the mess first time, and allows me to just crack on with the job, especially if I’m stuck under a kitchen worktop or on a site with no water,” explains Joe.

What is in Big Wipes?

The formula contains four powerful cleaning agents and four dermatologically tested skin conditioners.  Impressively, Big Wipes have been assessed to the latest EU Regulation 1223/2009 for cosmetic products.  Furthermore, dermatologists recorded zero levels of irritation during controlled testing. The range also offers a massive >99.9% anti-bacterial protection for your skin.

Industrial Big Wipes and Joe C

The job in Tottenham is typical for Joe and he’s getting suitably dirty, chasing walls ready for the first fix electrics to go in. As we approach his tea break, it’s time for the first test of the 4×4 products. The Big Wipes ‘one wipe and it’s gone’ biodegradable formula of four power cleansers ensures the removal of paint and varnishes, adhesives, oil, sealants, silicones and general grime from hands, tools and surfaces.

Not only that, 4×4 Big Wipes are preservative‐free and contain four skin conditioners; Aloe Vera, Lanolin, Vitamin E and Glycerine ‐ all helping to nourish and protect the skin. All 4×4 Big Wipes are used without water and are perfect for on-site use where water just isn’t available.

Industrial Big Wipes and Joe C

“I’ve shut the water off so these better be good!” laughs Joe as he gets to work with a Multi-Purpose wipe. It doesn’t take long at all to get rid of the grime. “That is fantastic, my hands feel, look and even smell clean – cuppa and a biscuit coming up!”

Industrial Big Wipes for hands, tools and surfaces

In the bathroom, Joe begins to silicone the bath and uses his thumb in time-honoured fashion to give it a smooth finish. Out comes the easy grip 4×4 tub again – not just for the thumb this time (the silicone is gone in one wipe) but for the silicone gun too. Then, for an extra smooth finish, Joe runs the Big Wipe over the silicone around the bath.

Cleaning silicone from bath

“Silicone is nasty stuff on skin and a pain to get off yourself and bathroom surfaces,” says Joe. “And let’s face it, even professionals have the odd accident with it.  This Heavy-Duty wipe has done a fantastic job cleaning my tools too. What I’ve also noticed, is the openings of the tubs are very wide and I can get my fingers in and around it easily. There’s nothing worse than fiddling about trying to get into the packaging when you’re caked in it. The seal works a treat too, as you can just flip it down and click it shut. ”

Industrial Big Wipes and Joe C

Joe’s Verdict

“Big Wipes 4×4 did a great job getting me and my tools clean so I could just get on with my work,” says Joe. “I do worry about my hands and I think the four skin conditioners are really important. I’ll also be getting some more for the van.”

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This article appeared in Professional Builder Magazine, April 2014