Herning Industry Expo – Great Danish Show with Big Wipes

This year, Herning Industry Expo celebrated its 50 year anniversary and more than 550 companies gathered within nine separate areas.  From 3-6 September 2013, the Danish industry met at the largest and most popular industry expo in the Nordic region.

Herning Industry Expo - Great Danish Exhibition with Big Wipes stand

Big Wipes Demo at Herning Industry Expo

Big Wipes attended in all their bright glory, as part of our Danish distributor, Scanlico Denmark A/S stand. The exhibition gave us the perfect opportunity to introduce Denmark to Big Wipes, the ultimate industrial power-strength hand cleaning wipes. Amazing cleaning power with an additional >99% antibacterial protection, ensure that hands are free from both dirt and bacteria.

No other cleaning wipe available to the European professional trade can remove substances such as paint (oil and water based), silicone, adhesives, sealants, PU expanding foam, grease and general muck so quickly and effectively. Our demonstrations proved that Big Wipes power fabric is highly absorbent and captures dirt between the fibres.  This minimises the number of cleansing wipes used for any cleaning job.

The icing on the pastry (sorry) was the unwavering support and fantastic hospitality that we received at Herning Industry Expo from Scanlico Denmark A/S.  Above all, we want to thank everyone who came to see us on our stand.Herning Industry Expo - Great Danish Exhibition with Big Wipes Logo

Scanlico Denmark A/S

More than 20 years of industrial experience has given Scanlico Denmark A/S easy access to the Danish market through their nationwide customer network.  Scanlico Denmark A/S is known and recognised for a wide range of products of very high quality from leading manufacturers, including the Big Wipes range of cleaning products. They believe that quality is much more than just product quality. The company equally rate delivery, product warranty, few complaints, properties and longevity. Scanlico knows that the stronger they are on a variety of parameters, the more value is created through each level.  Please click the link to visit their website.