Farbe 2019 – Big Wipes add colour to the show

As FARBE 2019 reports:  there was beaming sunshine in Cologne, beaming faces in the halls and at FAF FARBE, AUSBAU & FASSADE, the barometer showed the perfect atmosphere.

  • Big Wipes team adds colour

The beaming smiles naturally grew wider, as soon as visitors saw the Big Wipes stand.  As per usual, visitors were amazed at the astonishing cleaning power of the Big Wipes range, i.e. the Heavy-Duty wipes, Multi-Surface wipes and Multi-Purpose wipes.  Our stand was swamped and the show’s official film crew was sent in to capture the magic of Big Wipes on screen.

arbe 2019 - Big Wipes add colour film crew

More than 46,000 attendees from 110 countries gave the trade fair top marks.  The range of products on display from the 402 exhibitors and the diverse programme of talks from the trade on topics like digitisation, recruiting young talent, and technology trends, led to top ratings from 91 percent of trade visitors.

Farbe 2019 - Big Wipes add colour busy stand 2

As the engine that drives the industry, FARBE 2019 brought together exhibitors and contractors from all over Europe from 20 to 23 March. According to surveys, three goals were important in their decision to attend: information about what’s new in the industry, continuing education, and exchanging information with colleagues.  All in all, according to the survey 89 percent of attendees were able to achieve the goals with which they came to FAF 2019.  The pleasant atmosphere in the corridors was also reflected in the general appraisal of economic growth in the industry. 67 percent of the attendees surveyed expect anywhere from slight to significant growth.

Farbe 2019 - Big Wipes add colour busy stand

After four days of the trade fair there, was also positive feedback on the part of the exhibitors. 88 percent of them awarded top marks in their overall assessment. A total of 402 companies from 26 countries were represented at Farbe 2019. The  fair was also more international than ever before, with 27 percent of the exhibitors coming from outside Germany.

Farbe 2019 - Big Wipes add colour busy stand 1

Highlight at FAF this year was the range of information on digitisation. Numerous examples from businesses allowed attendees to experience live what digital tools make possible, and how the industry can benefit from this:  from optimising processes and consulting with customers via VR glasses while completing projects, to attracting new employees using social media. FAF also gave visitors a glimpse into the future with the “renderingCODES” WorkLab.  The Institute International Trendscouting (IIT) at the University of Applied Sciences and the Arts (HAWK) in Hildesheim and the research team led by Professor Markus Schlegel presented new products dealing with the plaster of the future.

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The next FAF FARBE, AUSBAU & FASSADE will take place 9-12 March 2022 in Munich.