Elex Show Exeter: Excitement with the Big Wipes team

Elex Show Exeter is the lively regional tradeshow from Professional Electrician.  Here you can keep right up-to-date with all that is new in the electrical industry – all under one roof.   It is a dedicated showcase of the best electrical products and techniques, as well as the perfect platform to find out everything you need to know about the latest rules and regulations.

Elex Show Exeter Excitement with the Big Wipes team (2)

Big Wipes Demo at Toolfair / Elex Show Exeter

Naturally, the Big Wipes gang attended the Elex Show / Toolfair in Exeter.  We demonstrated just why we are the UK market leading industrial wipes specialist – and why electricians and electrical contractors need Big Wipes.

It’s unavoidable: electricians get their hands dirty.  They may be pulling cable through filthy loft spaces, chasing out walls for sockets and cabling or making good with plaster and paint.  Grime builds up easily and the consequences can be extremely irritating on your hands and skin.  A tradesperson’s most valuable tools are their hands.  However,  thousands of tradespeople spend their days with their hands caked in dirt or harsh substances, without having access to the facilities to clean them up.

Elex Show Exeter Excitement with the Big Wipes team (2)

Electricians therefore need a portable and high-quality hand cleaner and Big Wipes industrial strength wipes are the answer.   Big Wipes remove dirt and construction materials from hands and tools swiftly and more thoroughly than soap and water.  Packaged in tubs, they are highly portable and can be transported in a toolbag or toolbox.  You can also store them in the door buckets of vans, or in a bespoke Big Wipes Cage on van racking systems.

Elex Show Exeter Excitement with the Big Wipes team (2)

Our range of 4×4 hand cleaning products gets rid of silicone, PU expandable foam, solvent based paints, adhesives, oil, grease and so much more.  We demonstrated all this at Elex Show Exeter – much to the delight of the constant crowd around our stand.  Initial disbelief quickly turned into frenzied Big Wipes purchases!

Thank you to everyone who came to visit us – your support is much appreciated.  See you again next year.