DDC Apprentice of the Year – Big Wipes proud sponsor

Young painters and decorators across the UK put their hard-learned skills to the test at the 2013 DDC Apprentice of the Year contest.  This competition is also known as Dulux Decorator Centre Student Decorator of the Year.

DDC Apprentice of the Year - DDC shelf of Big Wipes

DDC Apprentice of the Year 2013

This national competition provides a challenging and rewarding experience for student college learners.  Furthermore, it encourages talent and professionalism in the painting and decorating industry.

As a valued sponsor of the prestigious competition, Big Wipes joined a presentation ceremony held at The Mount Hotel, Wolverhampton.  All the finalists and their lecturers, as well as suppliers, sponsors and executives from Dulux Decorator Centres attended the evening.

Lewis Roberts, a painting and decorating student from Lincoln, painted his way to victory.  He was crowned the DDC Apprentice of the Year 2013 to rapturous applause and support.

DDC Apprentice of the Year - Big Wipes proud sponsor

Lewis, 22, fought off stiff competition from nine other talented painting and decorating students.  The judges were impressed with his great brushwork and eye for detail at the thrilling grand final.

Big Wipes sponsorship

We were extremely proud to champion such an esteemed competition and wish Lewis much success with his career!

Big Wipes has always been a firm favourite with the painter and decorator fraternity, as they remove paint, (water or oil-based) quickly and effectively from hands, tools and surfaces.

DDC Apprentice of the Year - Big Wipes proud sponsor

Dermatologically tested Big Wipes contain powerful cleaning agents and nourishing skin conditioners.  This makes them unique in their ability to remove a vast variety of modern construction products, while at the same time being kind to your skin.  As busy tradespeople, Painters & Decorators’ hands are their livelihood, so cleaning them effectively while still being able to care for them is extremely important.

Read more about how Big Wipes can help painters and decorators look after their  most important tools – their hands.