Cefco Trade Show – Huge success with Big Wipes

On the 24th of September, Big Wipes exhibited at Cefco Trade Show in partnership with City Electrical Factors Ltd (CEF). Over 500 visitors came to be educated, entertained and energised.

Cefco Trade Show - Huge success with Big Wipes Collage

Big Wipes Demo at Cefco Trade Show

“Fantastic day… an excellent opportunity to meet with Cefco staff and their visitors.  It was great to have the chance to demonstrate our range of Big Wipes cleaning products.  We really appreciated the enthusiastic response we got from Cefco customers when they saw how effectively our industrial wipes removed grime”, said Richard Berry, National Sales Manager at Big Wipes.

Neil Mantovani, Purchasing Manager, Cefco concluded: “The Cefco Trade Show was a huge success in every way.  Suppliers, customers, staff and end users have all weighed in with positive comments.  This pleased me immensely, given the work that went into arranging everything beforehand.”

Big Wipes Cleaning Products

The truth is that everyone in the trade gets their hands, tools or surfaces dirty.  Most of this filth simply doesn’t come off with soap and water.  The Big Wipes range of cleaning wipes is unique in its ability to quickly and effectively remove a vast variety of modern construction and maintenance products.  These include PU expanding foam, silicone, acrylic sealants, epoxy fillers, solvent based paints, adhesives, grease, oil and so much more.   As they are completely portable, Big Wipes can be kept close to hand to remove this muck before it gets a chance to fully cure.

Cefco Trade Show - Huge success with Big Wipes Range

The preservative-free formula contains four powerful cleaning agents and four dermatologically tested skin conditioners.  This makes Big Wipes tough on dirt and at the same time helping to nourish and protect the skin.

Big Wipes operate on a global scale and every product is best in class, offering genuine and obvious benefits versus the competition.  No other cleaning wipe available to the professional trade can remove as many substances so quickly and effectively.