Carl Ras Fair 2019 – Denmark’s Big show with Big Wipes

The Carl Ras Fair 2019 was one of the largest trade fairs in Denmark and is known as a major event in the industry.  Carl Ras Fair 2019 was held in September in Brondbyhallen. Big Dave Hawkins from Big Wipes attended this gigantic tools exhibition for four days and convinced the Danish tradespeople that Big Wipes are simply the best antibacterial hand cleaning wipes on the market.

Carl Ras Fair 2019 - Denmark's Big show with Big Wipes

Customers of the Carl Ras Fair 2019 filled their wheelbarrows with tub after tub of our dual-sided scrub and clean Heavy-Duty wipes.  The abrasive side removes the most stubborn and dried-on filth, while the smooth side soaks up any excess, leaving no mess.  The firm grip, no slip textile ensures reduced slippage, high tear resistance and no pilling.  These cleaning wipes are designed for use by anyone who gets their hands dirty and needs a very effective, highly absorbent and immediate on-hand cleaning product.

So with your clean hands, you can have your Danish and eat it too!

Carl Ras Fair 2019 - Denmark's Big show with Big Wipes

More than 20 years of industrial experience has given Scanlico Denmark A/S easy access to the Danish market through their nationwide customer network.  Scanlico Denmark A/S is known and recognised for a wide range of products of very high quality from leading manufacturers, including Big Wipes. They believe that quality is much more than just product quality and equally rate delivery, product warranty, few complaints, properties and longevity. They believe that the stronger they are on a variety of parameters, the more value is created through each level.

Carl Ras Fair 2019 - Denmark's Big show with Big Wipes

Carl Ras, a family-owned company, has 16 wholesale centers, an e-shop, smartphone and IPad apps and more than 300 dedicated employees.  Based in Denmark, they specialise in tools, fittings and hardware for the professional tradesman.

Supplied by Scanlico Denmark A/S, the Carl Ras wholesale centres sell the entire 4×4 range of Big Wipes hand cleaning wipes, dual-sided Heavy-Duty wipes, extra strong Multi-Purpose wipes and exceptionally absorbent Multi-Surface wipes.  In addition, the fast-acting specialist cleaning spray, Big Wipes Power Spray and the Big Wipes Cage, our popular Wall & Van bracket, are also available to purchase.