Big Wipes Industrial New Power Fabric – it is tough!

No mess, no fuss Big Wipes industrial antibacterial wipes now have a new power fabric, which makes them tougher than ever at cutting through muck.

The ‘one wipe shifts the lot’ Big Wipes formula makes light work of anything caked onto you – or your stuff – from heavy grease and oil-based paints to stubborn PU expanding foam and adhesives, silicone sealants and epoxy grouts.

Big Wipes Industrial New Power Fabric - Clean Door

With a new patented Power Fabric upgrade for all Industrial (black top) wipes, they are even better than ever and get the grime gone in seconds.

The multi-layer wipe is now on the shelves after two years’ development and testing by Big Wipes.

Big Wipes Managing Director, Nigel Dibbo, said: “At Big Wipes we are constantly developing our range to make sure our products continue to do what they say they will and more, with no fuss and no mess.

“We are the first industrial wipe company to develop our own super tough and super absorbent fabric to complement our wipes formula.  Most other brands, however, rely on off-the-shelf fabrics. Whatever your trade, you can now say goodbye to searching for a sink, messy liquid cleaners and dirty wet towels.  Thanks to the mobile multi-cleaner Big Wipes, you can tackle just about any dirt or stain.”

Big Wipes Industrial New Power Fabric - Cleaning Hands
  • Benefits

  • Big Wipes industrial antibacterial wipes have these ‘best in class’ benefits, thanks to the new and unique fabric:
  • Textured tactile surface – gets to grip with grime and overcomes the slippery ‘new towel’ drawback of other makes.
  • High level dirt pick-up and grip – cleans and hangs onto muck.
  • No lint – no bits!
  • Maximum absorbency – 100% liquid coverage – no dry spots.


Above all, Big Wipes products contain a fully biodegradable cleaning formula that complies with all the latest EU Cosmetics Standards.  Further, they are dermatologically tested, anti-bacterial and contain skin conditioners Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

Big Wipes Industrial New Power Fabric - Clean Tile

The Big Wipes industrial range

The Big Wipes range of cleaning products includes:

  • 1) Big Wipes Industrial – With a new patented power fabric, this wipe is better than ever.  It offers a best in class cleaning performance with 20% better cleaning power than its industry leading predecessor.
  • 2) Big Wipes Industrial Plus+ – The same industrial-strength cleaning formula as Big Wipes Industrial but with a high performance dual-sided fabric – for that really tough stuff wipe!
  • 3) Big Wipes Industrial Green – Offer the same all-purpose cleaning power as other Big Wipes but are 100% bio-degradable.  Great for ridding non-hazardous substances, as they can be chucked straight into the compost bin.
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