Big Wipes AGM – Blue sky thinking vs afternoon tea

Going forward in an endeavour to take it to the next level in our continuous improvement cycle, all stakeholders at the Big Wipes AGM were challenged to proactively think outside the box and produce a synergistic vision for leveraging our assets and corporate values and incentivise dynamic solutions in order to evolve a set of win-win deliverables and intensify the impact of our mission critical growth plan.

Big Wipes AGM

Data mining and goal oriented Big Wipes AGM synergies

It was a ground-breaking platform for our outstanding team of fully engaged employees to interactively pool their skill sets and core competencies to add tangible value to this high-altitude occasion and push the envelope to drive adoption of our new pencil-sharpening policy and ideate on inherent strategies and proven results driven methodologies for a high level holistic, cradle-to-grave approach.

After a blue-sky thinking thought shower, we still had sufficient bandwidth to absorb the multi-faceted initiatives and stir fry the most feasible proposals in the ideas wok and decided to concentrate foremost on the quick-win low-hanging fruit to achieve the desired organisational transcendence.

Outsourcing of emerging vertical markets

This robust paradigm shift will capture the compelling zeitgeist and require powerful thought leadership in respect of strategy, culture and differentiated brand position, a strong feedback loop on the effectiveness of initiatives, and a recognition of the broader diversity opportunities that may be cascaded throughout the organisation via the facilitation of best practices and maximisation of efficiencies.

Herding cats in the Big Wipes control group

In pursuit of our cohesive efforts in moving forward in our desired quest for the best and to ensure that we weren’t in a state of disconnect, at the close of play we went to touch base in a social environment and chillaxed. At the end of the day, promoting the seamless engagement of motivated Big Wipes brand ambassadors and interfacing with tremendously talented colleagues results in more joined-up thinking and guarantees that we are still on the same page.


This is the true Big Wipes AGM

We at Big Wipes have no need for incomprehensible corporate jargon, we like to keeps things clean and simple. So, in other words, the lovely team had a Big Wipes AGM.  We discussed what we do well, what we can improve and how to do so. Then we all went for a jolly afternoon tea.

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