Belgrade Building Expo: Big Wipes elates the Balkan states

The 40th International Building Trade Fair SEEBBE (South-East Europe Belgrade Building Expo) took place over five days in April 2014 and attracted over 41 000 visitors.  For the second year in a row, Big Wipes distributor in the Balkans, Induco, exhibited at the fair in order to demonstrate the power of these extraordinary industrial hand cleaning wipes.

Dragan Petrovic, Development Manager at Induco, said: “During the 2013 show, I took a video of our Big Wipes presentation, clips of which even made it onto Serbian and Croatian television.  This year, Miss Serbia, Mlica Vukli¡, visited our stand and was utterly delighted with the performance of the Big Wipes!”

Belgrade Building Expo Big Wipes stand

The Belgrade Building Expo trade fair represents the largest exhibition in South East Europe that gathers companies from the construction sector, building industry, ceramics, sanitary and bathroom equipment, doors, windows and related technologies.

The truth is that everyone in these trades gets their hands, tools or surfaces dirty and most of the filth simply doesn’t come off with soap and water.  The Big Wipes range of cleaning products is unique in its ability to quickly and effectively remove a vast variety of modern construction and maintenance products such as PU expanding foam, silicone, acrylic sealants, epoxy fillers, solvent based paints, adhesives, grease, oil and so much more.   As they are completely portable, Big Wipes can be kept close to hand to remove this muck before it gets a chance to fully cure.

Dragan added: “We have to work hard to achieve brand awareness for Big Wipes but everyone who tries them, loves them.  The best way to sell these cleaning wipes is to demonstrate how brilliant they are at removing paint, silicone, adhesives, expanding foam and so many other products from hands and surfaces.  Mark my words, Big Wipes will be Big in the Balkans!”