Auto Express BEST BUY 2016 – Big Wipes get FIRST PRIZE

Big Wipes are absolutely thrilled to have come first and third in the Auto Express BEST BUY 2016 Product Group Test for Interior Wipes.  We summarise the report below:

Auto Express BEST BUY –  How we tested them:

We challenged an array of wipes over a mix of plastic (matt and gloss) and fabric (carpet and upholstery) surfaces. Grease, chocolate and biro were introduced to give a typical everyday in-car environment, then we considered the effort required to shift them, and the finish the wipes left behind. Also considered was price, from a range of sources as we went to press.

Auto Express BEST BUY – Verdict:

Having changed its cleaning formula, Big Wipes dominated our podium, even though its new packs are now more expensive. Its Heavy Duty pack pushed previous test winner, CarPlan Upholstery Wipes, down to second place in the standings – the CarPlan wipes aren’t as versatile because they can’t be used on other surfaces. The dual-sided design of the Big Wipes Best Buy simply can’t be matched here. Completing our podium places is the brand’s Multi-Purpose Wipes.

1. Big Wipes Heavy-Duty

2. CarPlan Upholstery Wipes

3. Big Wipes Multi-Purpose



Auto Express BEST BUY! These wipes are the most expensive on test, calculated by cost per sheet. Yet they more than make up for this with their amazing performance. They have a dual-sided design, with one side abrasive and the other smooth. This cuts down on effort: they took three wipes to remove grime from our upholstery and only one to shift the chocolate. The smooth side deftly cleaned up grease. They can be used on fabrics and plastics and don’t dry with obvious smears on matt surfaces. The resealable pack slots neatly into a door pocket, although you can buy a plastic tub with twice as many wipes.


Changes to the Big Wipes line-up mean Interior Wipes (sold in a purple tub and tested in Issue 1,364) are now known as Multi-Purpose Wipes, but they retain their four-star rating. They’re versatile and deliver on their promise to be “tough on grime, food, drinks and stains”. Biro needed more effort to shift, though.  As with all Big Wipes, they’re also dermatologically tested. The 40-wipe plastic tub is a bit chunky, but is well designed with a stopper, so you don’t need to fiddle to find the next clean-smelling wipe.