Aquatherm 2014 – Whirling and Waltzing with Big Wipes

This year our Austrian distributor, Brinko, attended Aquatherm 2014, Austria’s most important bathroom, heating and ventilation fair.  Vienna hosted the show at the end of January, with exhibitors from 15 countries attracting over 18,000 trade visitors.  Around 240 exhibitors showcased their latest offerings from ventilation, heating, plumbed appliances, bathroom designs & fittings to sanitary products.

Aquatherm 2014 - Whirling and Waltzing with Big Wipes

What does Aquatherm offer

Exhibition Manager, Markus Reingrabner (Ing.) explained: “One of the key functions of the Aquatherm is to provide specialists in the respective manufacturing businesses, skilled trades and sales outlets with the requisite information on the latest issues and future challenges facing the market. Customers know exactly what they want.  They are very well informed and expect tradesmen and companies to incorporate their ideas and wishes.  The Aquatherm show therefore provides powerful support for trade visitors with technical expertise offering a transfer of knowledge.”

Aquatherm 2014 - Whirling and Waltzing with Big Wipes

Big Wipes first time exhibitors

BRINKO, who are based in the German tool centre Remscheid, were well placed exhibitors.  They supply first-class quality products for the special requirements of the installers of Plumbing, Heating, Electrics and Air Conditioning.  As tradesmen in these professions can get their hands very dirty, it makes perfect sense for Brinko to also supply the best hand cleaning wipes on the market: Big Wipes.

Containing 4x power cleansers and 4x skin conditioners, Big Wipes are tough on dirt, at the same time helping to nourish and protect the skin.

Aquatherm 2014 - Whirling and Waltzing with Big Wipes

Dermatologically tested and assessed to the latest EU Regulation for cosmetics, the water-based formula is preservative-free, biodegradable and antibacterial.

Big Wipes operate on a global scale and every product is best in class.  We offer genuine and obvious benefits versus the competition.  No other cleaning wipes available to the professional trade can remove as many substances so quickly and effectively.

Aquatherm 2014 - Whirling and Waltzing with Big Wipes

The Viennese had a ball when they watched the Big Wipes demonstrations.  The Big Wipes advanced cleaning formula and power fabric are unique in removing silicone, PU expanding foam, epoxy fillers & grouts, adhesives, paints and so much more from hands, tools and surfaces.